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Long Distance Moving Services

If you’re planning to move out of state, you’ve got a lot to deal with. Long-distance moves are more complicated than local moves, and this massive task can be overwhelming.

At Colonial Moving and Storage, we offer long distance moving services. Contact us when you’re getting ready to move out of state.

Getting Ready for a Long-Distance Move

A long-distance move is a complicated undertaking, and you have enough on your plate. Between selling your old home, purchasing a new, finding schools for the kids, and setting up utilities at your new place, it is easy to let packing for the move fall by the wayside.

You might think it’s easier to just throw all your belongings in a moving van and sort things out when you get to your new home. And while this may work if your only goal is to move as fast as possible, it makes moving into your new home more stressful than necessary.

Instead, as you get ready to move, set aside time to go through your belongings and sell or donate things that don’t need to move with you. A slimmed-down household will be cheaper to move, too, because you’ll need less equipment and packing supplies.

If you find that you need storage for some of your belongings, such as seasonal items that don’t need to move immediately or furniture you’re trying to sell, we at Colonial Moving and Storage can take care of these items for you. Our secure storage services will keep your belongings safe while you deal with the logistics of moving.

And when you’re ready to go, call Colonial Moving and Storage again. Our packing and long-distance moving services can make the whole process easier for you and your family. We also offer last-minute moving services if you need to move in a hurry.

Getting in Touch

Colonial Moving and Storage offers 24-hour moving services in CT. Drop us a line or reach out to us by phone to get a free estimate for your upcoming long-distance move. You can reach us at 203-773-0881 or 860-505-7221.